A Leading, Nationwide Distributor

of Dental, Medical, and PPE Supplies

Celebrating over 30 years of industry service, Trako Dental & Medical Supply works with government agencies and enterprises nationwide to provide signature service, premium products, and competitive pricing for the market’s best dental, medical, and PPE solutions.

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Trako Dental & Medical Supply

We’re a Woman-Owned, Community-Minded Enterprise Serving Clients Across the United States.

Dental Distributor Services

Our team specializes in large orders for dental equipment and supplies, servicing government agencies and commercial organizations across the country. From ADA approved toothpaste and thumb toothbrushes to dental surgical supplies to PPE equipment, Trako Dental & Medical Supply is committed to helping our dental clients keep pace with changing industry standards and volatile PPE product availability.

Medical Supplier Services

Trako Dental & Medical Supply is also a trusted medical supplies and equipment distributor dedicated to forging longterm relationships with our clientele in the medical sector. We offer seamless sourcing, affordable pricing, and knowledgeable service to help our clients get the best medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and PPE products in the marketplace.

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Customer Reviews

“It has been my pleasure to work with Trako Medical and Dental Supply for over 15 years. The merchandise is shipped the day my orders are received and if it is coming from the manufacturer and therefore a later arrival time. Tracy and the team at Trako Dental have given me very good guidance in dealing with issues regarding other vendors/practices. I never have to be concerned about any order with Trako because there is never any problem in returning or exchanging merchandise. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing these supplies.”

“The Cook County Department of Public Health has been doing business with Trako Dental & Medical Supply for over 16 years. The items have been very competitively priced and of good quality. Trako has also provided many medical emergency supplies when other vendors did not have inventory because of high demand. Trako Dental & Medical Supply has great customer service and goes above and beyond what other companies are willing to do to find the product their customer is looking for.”

“ValuMax is very happy doing business with Trako. Trako is an honest and dependable company. ValuMax has been doing business with Trako for many years, and we do not have any problems with them.”

Preventive Dental Program Coordinator of Metro Public Health Department

Chief Financial Officer of Cook County Department of Public Health

VP of Operations at ValuMax